Grouse moors cover an area of England the size of Greater London - some 550,000 acres. Here, for the first time, we've tried to map the owners of nearly all the grouse moor estates in England: around 100 estates owned by aristocrats and wealthy business people. These estates are propped up with millions of pounds of public farm subsidies annually.

Investigation by Guy Shrubsole, map by Anna Powell-Smith. To find out more, read the blog post.

UPDATE, 28 Aug 2018: Added the last known locations of 44 hen harriers tracked by satellite between 2007 and 2016, as published by Natural England.

Hen harriers:
Missing, fate unknown

Click on an estate to see details. Estate boundaries are approximate, based on the best available data sources.

Data sources for each layer are as follows:

  • Individual estate boundaries: The two main sources for these are: (1) Environmental Stewardship payment maps, used under the Open Government Licence. Data last updated November 2016. Polygons may have been simplified; use with caution, no liability accepted for any errors. © Natural England 2017. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2017. (2) INSPIRE Index Polygons. © Crown copyright and database rights 2018 Ordnance Survey 100026316. There are restrictions on republication of INSPIRE polygons; we are publishing them here for purposes of news reporting under fair dealing. We will take them down if requested by OS.
  • Estimated full extent of grouse moors: This was initially derived from a Moorland Association map showing the approximate extent of grouse moors, and then adjusted by sense-checking against aerial imagery. Read the full methodology (PDF) used to generate this layer.
  • CAP payments: Where available, these were obtained via Defra's CAP Payments Search tool.
  • Hen harrier tracking data: In August 2018, Natural England released updated details of its hen harrier tracking programme, disclosing the locations of the last known transmissions from tags fitted to hen harriers tracked by satellite. This map displays the locations dataset published by Natural England (no licensing information provided).

This map remains incomplete, and may contain inaccuracies. If you spot a mistake or can help supply information on a missing grouse moor estate, please get in touch.